Meals in the restaurant Zaječský vinný sklep are feast for both tongue and eyes. For each item in the menu, we consider how to match everything so that the result is a real pleasure. A meat offer is predominant, but we also offer a culinary experience to the vegetarians.



80g Beef Carpaccio from a young bull, basil pesto, tuna mayonnaise, salad, dried tomatoes, parmesan, baguette
199 Kč 

 Homemade turkey liver pate, caramelized cherries, port onion, bread
129 Kč

 3 pcs Fried Black tiger shrimps in garlic oil with a hot pepper, salad and baguette
189 Kč


 Homemade broth with liver dumplings, noodles and vegetables with a fresh parsley scent

Wallachian cabbage soup with smoked meat
69 Kč

 Cream soup from roasted cauliflower, strong cheese with aroma
79 Kč

 Main dishes

180g Pork cheeks steamed with red wine, fried bean pods, potato puree and Viennese onion
249 Kč 

 Pork tenderloin stuffed with plums, sauce from Spanish cherries
249 Kč
Chef’s tip; Gnocchi au parmesan gratin

180g Chicken pocket filled with mozzarella, basil, dried tomatoes and prosciutto, spinach, cream cheese sauce 
229 Kč
Chef’s tip; Baked potatoes

Roasted duck thigh with thyme, red cabbage, Carlsbad dumpling
259 Kč

Schnitzels from a Durock steak, potato salad
239 Kč

Sirloin on cream , Carlsbad dumpling, cranberries, a slice of lemon, whipped cream
249 Kč

Durock pork cutlet steak, mushroom sauce, gratin potatoes
259 Kč

 Homemade burger with aged beef Chuck roll, French mustard sauce, bacon, Cheddar, green salad, tomatoes, Port onion
239 Kč
Chef’s tip; French fries

Marinated pork ribs, homemade bread, salad coleslaw, hot pepper, horseradish mustard
259 Kč 

Gulasz from aget beef  with dumplings
239 Kč

Nordic salmon fillet, spinach, Dutch sauce, potato puree
299 Kč

Pork loin, cider sauce, pumpkin, onions, mashed potatoes
269 Kč

 Caesar salad with chicken meat*, cherry tomatoes, parmesan, croutons, dressing, bread
179 Kč

With shrimps                                                                            
209 Kč

100g Tartar from an aged beef, onion, quail eggs, salad, toast, garlic
209 Kč


Steaks-  with French fries or a salad
With a pepper, mushroom or demi glace sauce
200g Beef tenderloin – „Farm Tišnov“ – 40 of maturing             540 Kč
300g Flank Steak – South America                                              420 Kč






Kids menu

Fried chicken fillet, potato puree
119 Kč

Buns with custard
99 Kč



Something good with wine


300g A variety of international cheese and salami, olives, dried tomatoes, peppers filled with sheep cheese
289 Kč 

70g Roasted almonds with sea salt
95 Kč


Chocolate soufflé, raspberry coulis, yoghurt ice cream, fruit
129 Kč 

Homemade apple strudel, vanilla sauce, ice cream
95 Kč

Tiramisu with blueberry ice cream
115 Kč

Homemade ice cream


Side dishes

Potatoes puree                                                                           49 Kč

Gnocchi au gratin parmesan                                                     49 Kč

French fries                                                                               49 Kč

Gratine potatoes                                                                       49 Kč

Roasted baguette                                                                      45 Kč

Vegetable salad, dressing                                                          75 Kč

Green beans with bacon                                                            59 Kč

Grilled vegetables                                                                      75 Kč

Tartar sauce, chili mayonnaise, ketchup                                   30 Kč

The side dishes are not included in the price of the meals.

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Professionals from the Zaječský vinný sklep restaurant in Ostrava know how to take care of the guests. Cozy birthday celebration, perfect wedding feast with florist and music, corporate parties where everyone will feel at home, as well as rich banquets, catering and gift vouchers.

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Banquets and catering made by the restaurant Zaječský vinný sklep in Ostrava have one disadvantage. You cannot enjoy their decoration for a long time.

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We believe that a nice evening in the Zaječský vinný sklep in Ostrava, full of good food and drink, is a better gift than a souvenir on a shelf which will only get covered with dust.

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With a capacity of 170 seats, we are ready to meet all your requirements and make sure your employees feel at home. Perfect menu and cosy environment is a matter of course.

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Professionals from the restaurant Zaječský vinný sklep in Ostrava will ensure that your day D becomes unforgettable.